Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's Laugh & Learn

Huhu...lama betul tak dapat nak menulis kat dalam blog ni. Bukannya tak de benda menarik nak di tulis tapi lebih kepada tak de masa nak menulis. My last entry is on Aliff Birthday. Lepas birthday Aliff, birthday my cheeky bom bom Hana Marissa. A lot and I really mean a lot of stuff has been going on especially on the preparation for her first birthday but yet I have soooo little time to blog about it.

Well, this is a sponsored post from FP and Go Communication that makes me feel so guilty sebabnya, terima parcel ni dah lama tapi tak post the story until now. Memang akhir tahun and awal tahun adalah bulan2 yang terlampau sibuk. I have office assignment to fulfill, my vacay with family, my baking business as well as my clothing line punya business. Badan ai ada sekeping je tapi nak kena bagi2 uhuhu......

Anyway, lets story mory about this new toy from Fisher Price. Masa memula dapat parcel ni memang everybody is soo...excited coz knowing Fisher Price punya product memang semuanya super fun and most of my kid's toy ae from Fisher Price. One of the reason is all their toys are so good for kids development, handy, safe for even smaller kids or baby, colourful and sangat2 berkualiti. Buktinya mainan Dalea still boleh turunkan ke Lissa, Aliff and now Hana dan in a very good condition. Even kalau Hana dah besar, boleh turunkan ke anak2 buah dia, even kalau nak jual pun still ada harga sebab masih in good condition.

Ini lah rupa FP Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy tu.

This is some background info on how to play and let your child learn at the same time with the FISHER-PRICE® LAUGH & LEARN LEARNING PUPPY
The Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy is a cuddly play pal for baby that combines 2 modes of play – learning and musical games (with up to 10 sung songs).

In the learning mode - five hot spots on the plush puppy will teach you the alphabets A-Z, body parts and colours through fun phrases and songs.

Switch to the game mode for fun phrases and sung songs to play along you’re your baby. Songs include 4 learning songs: the Alphabet Song, a colour song, a counting song and a song to teach body parts.

The game mode has additional sung songs to encourage interaction such as “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”, and “Pat-a-Cake”. A light up heart will twinkle to the music and puppy's response.

Try these play ideas:

  • Explore and discover different features of the toy by placing your baby in your lap and hold the Puppy in the front. Try out each activity, exploring the different phrases, games and songs.
  • Learn about parts of the body. Point out Puppy’s hand, then baby’s hand, and move to another body part. Soon your baby will be able to point to them all! Remember to tell your baby how the puppy feels to you when you touch him. His ears are so silky, and he is soft and cuddly!
  • Baby games. Hold baby’s hands in yours and clap them together as you recite the song “Pat-a-cake”. Demonstrate other favourite games for baby, like “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” or “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. Remember to go slowly so baby can join in!

While this is Hana Marissa with the puppy. So far this puppy dah jadi dia punya new BFF. The texture of the toy is so fluffy and huggable, siap boleh bawak tidur. Even kalau tengah menangis, nak pujuk bagi diam, sua kan je puppy ni and tekan2 the button, sure boleh divert her attention.

This is how she play her puppy. Whenever she press the hand button, we will press her hand. Then, when she press the tummy, we will touch her tummy. As at now, she can actually show us where her hand, her tummy, her nose and ears at the age of 1. Impress??? Sangat impress. 

Kalau main puppy ni mesti dia akan gelak2 and terteleng2 kepala bergoyang ikut muzik especially lagu Head, Shoulder, Knee & Toes tu cuma lagu tu sekerat so kena press banyak2 kali to repeat the song. But this is what I mean by Laugh and Learn sebab whenever she  press the colourful button on the hand, foot, ear and tummy, there will be music or phrases that will makes her laugh.
Okies, so this toy is highly recommended for babies and kids mental and motor development. Boleh kata semua product FP is recommended for growing up babies and kids as it uses colours, sound and light yang boleh attract budak2 untuk bermain sambil belajar. Kalau interested to get one of this, this toy is retailing at RM149.90 and available at most toy store.
Get yours now hee....! 

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